Global Mammal Parasite Database

The Global Mammal Parasite Database is a compilation of records of parasites and their hosts that have been documented in the published scientific literature.  It currently covers primates, carnivores and terrestrial hooved mammals.


Mammal Range Maps

GIS shapefiles of mammal geographic range data used for the analyses of Grenyer et al. (2006).  Details of how the data were collected can be found in Sechrest (2003) and Grenyer et al. (2006).  These data were donated to the IUCN and formed the backbone of the mammal range data available for download from their website. The IUCN data supersedes the range data available above.

 Sechrest, W. W. (2003).  Global diversity, endemism, and conservation of mammals. Thesis, University of Virginia.

Grenyer, R., Orme, C. D. L., Jackson, S. F., Thomas, G. H., Davies, R. G., Davies, T. J., Jones, K. E. Olson, V. A., Ridgely, R., Rasmussen, P., Ding, T.-S., Bennett, P. M., Blackburn, T. M., Gaston, K. J., Gittleman, J. L. and Owens, I. P. F., (2006). The global distribution and conservation of rare and threatened vertebrates. Nature 444: 93-96.



Will be available here when published.