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Our research group is focused on large-scale ecological and evolutionary questions that relate to origins, patterns and causes of differences between species. We work mainly on mammals. Our research is synthetic, involving large comparative databases, complete phylogenies ("supertrees") and statistical comparative methods.

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Professor John Gittleman, D. Phil. : +1 (706) 542 2968
Patrick Stephens, Ph.D. : +1 (706) 542-6145
Sarah Heisel
Molly Fisher

Lab News...

Fall 2016

PhD stundent Molly Fisher, co-advised by John Gittleman and Patrick Stephens, is getting ready to graduate in the Spring of 2017!

The website of the Macroecology of Infectious Disease RCN (Patrick Stehens PI) is entering it's fourth year. RCN news can be found here.


Highlighted Publications 


Stephens, P. R., S. Altizer, K. F. Smith, A. Aguirre, J. H. Brown, S. A. Budischack, J. E. Byers, R. Critchlow, J. T. Davies, J. M. Drake, V. O. Ezenwa, M. J. Farrell, J. L. Gittleman, B. A. Han, S. Huang, R. A. Hutchinson, P. Johnson, C. L. Nunn, D. Onstad, A. Park, R. Poulin, G. M. Vazquez-Prokopec, J. P. Schmidt. 2016. The macroecology of infectious disease: a new perspective on global-scale drivers of pathogen distributions and impactsEcology Letters 19: 1159-1171.

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Breaking news
Molly Fisher will be join the lab in the fall of 2013 as a doctoral student. She will be coadvised by John Gittleman and Patrick Stephens.



The RCN proposal Macroecology of Infectious Disease (Patrick Stehens PI) has been approved for funding by NSF. The inaugural meeting will take place in the October 2013.



Shan Huang sucessfully defended her dissertation, and has accepted a post doctoral position with David Jablonski at the University of Chicago.

Metabolic Ecology (Wiley-Blackwell, J. H. Brown and R. M. Sibley, eds.) is out.



Patrick Stephens has been promoted to Assistant Research Scientist in the Odum School of Ecology.

Our newest graduate student, Sara Heisel has joined the lab. She will be coadvised by John Gittlekman and Vanessa Ezenwa.


Rich Grenyer will be moving to NERC Centre for Population Biology, Imperial College London.

Jonathan Davies has moved to NCEAS University of California Santa Barbara.


Sam Price accepted a Research Fellowship at NESCent

Kim Dodd successfully defended her MSc thesis and will be enrolling in veterinary school in 2007